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Lambanahast mantel-muton-XL

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Lambanahast mantel-muton-XL

Item ID: 146780996 Item condition: used Delivery time: 4 days
Auction is ended or not active
Auction is ended or not active
Final price: 104.00 EUR
Extending closure: 5 minutes
Starting time: Sat 07.11.2020 00:35:17
Closing time: Sat 05.12.2020 00:35:17
Viewed: 784
Last bidder: natali68
Tallinn, Харьюмаа, Эстония
Item condition: used
Location: Tallinn, Харьюмаа, Эстония
Size: XXL
Length: Medium
Style: Fur coat
Quantity: 1
Delivery time: 4 days
SmartPOST: 4.89 EUR (L)
Payment: by bank transfer, in cash, by deposit transfer, by transfer from Osta.ee e-account
Seller: Rosy100% / 163 / View other items of the seller

Lambanahast mantel
värv Šokolaad,ilus
🌺Kahepoolne kasukas-muton.
Väga pehme ja kerge!!🌺👍


Puhas ja korralik!!


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  • oss04 asked 07.11.2020 09:29

    Tere! Palun mõõdud (pikkus,rind,puus,käis).

    replied 07.11.2020 15:41

    Tere! Pikk-90sm Rind-126sm Puusa-130sm

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