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LOT! Täispuhutav Nukk

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LOT! Täispuhutav Nukk

Item ID: 160222563 Item condition: used
Auction is ended or not active
Auction is ended or not active
Final price: 1.99 EUR
Extending closure: 5 minutes
Starting time: Fri 30.07.2021 19:00:00
Closing time: Thu 05.08.2021 19:00:00
Viewed: 103
Last bidder: Geotpm
Maardu, Харьюмаа, Эстония
Lans OÜ
Reg. code 12630195    User since 25.03.2019

RaFamilyPood 100% e-store
Item condition: used
Location: Maardu, Харьюмаа, Эстония
Quantity: 1
Payment: in cash, by deposit transfer, by transfer from Osta.ee e-account
Seller: RaFamilyPood100% / 494
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Vaata meie Kuulutusi! Super hinnad!
Tavahind 52,99
Seisukord : Outlet, seisukord teadmatta. (Võib sisalda defekt)
Palun valige transpordiviis max 7 päeva jooksul
Komplektis need osad, mis on piltidel!
Esimene pilt on illustratiivne!

E-Pood https://www.osta.ee/index.php?fuseaction=search.searchseller&q[seller]=RaFamilyPood


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