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MEGA! Imeline S12C Blue, Laste Nutikell! UUS!

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MEGA! Imeline S12C Blue, Laste Nutikell! UUS!

Item ID: 152191758 Item condition: new
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Auction is ended or not active
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 Kids Smart Watch

Focus on smart watches for kids.

There are three colors available

HD camera

Selfie and take photos


  • Can store 100+ photos if the memory card only stores photos.
  • Keep the time happy for your child and with her classmates and friends.



Music player

Download the music in MP3 format from the computer via the supplied USB cable. Child will enjoy music when alone or with friends.


School mode and calculator


  • The clock can be switched to school mode automatically when your child is in class after this mode was set up. Under school mode, it turns into silence, No games/calls. But SOS feature works still. When the time is up, it turns into normal mode. All features work.
  • A simple calculator will help your child in math class.



Replaceable and colorful wallpapers


  • The background image can be replaced with photos from selfies and from mobile phone or computer.
  • Can download the photos from the computer via the supplied USB cable.


Editable contact name


  • The names of the contacts can be edited.
  • The phone book stores 10 contacts



Easy to use. Turn on and use. No need to download the application and connects to parent's mobile phone.


Clock, camera, alarm, photos, music, games, recorder, calendar, calculator, wallpaper, tools

and settings are available without the sim card used. The answer calls and dial

functions work with a valid SIM card inserted. Therefore, you don't need to buy a SIM card if you don't need the calling function.


Smartwatch Phone

Use as a standalone watch phone to connect with parents

instead of an expensive smartphone device.

Support 2G network only.


The watch has a memory card inside. The memory

card is built into the watch. So you could not see the

memory card when opening the parcel.



Komplektis kõik mis on piltidel!

Seisukord: UUS!

Poe hind: ~44,95 Eur.

Järeltulemisega - Tallinn, kulleriga (kui ise tellite), pakiautomaat (kui on lisatud kuulutuses).


Lõplik hind sisaldab käibemaksu! Kui soovite arvet firma nimele, palume saata firma andmed enne kui tasute ostu eest ja kinnitate transpordi! 

Juhul, kui ostja soovib mitmel oksjonil võidetud esemed saada ühes pakis siis palume teavitada sellest enne posti kinnitamist.
Kui esemega on mingi probleem palun enne negatiivse tagasiside jätmist võtta meiega ühendust. Soovime, et iga meie ostja oleks rahul ostetud esemega ja oleme alati valmis lahendama tekkinud probleeme ja leidma kõigile sobivat lahendust. Meie eesmärk on, et iga meie klient jääks rahule võidetud oksjoniga ja tuleks tagasi osalema ja võitma uuesti.



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