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MEGA! Songmics OBG32 Ergonoomilise disainiga kontoritool.UUS

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MEGA! Songmics OBG32 Ergonoomilise disainiga kontoritool.UUS

Item ID: 152326498 Item condition: new
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Auction is ended or not active
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Item condition: new
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  • High-quality materials, comfortable seating - the backrest and seat are luxuriously and comfortably padded, even after prolonged use, the shape remains stable. The backrest, the seat and the cushion of the armrest are covered with polyurethane, durable, easy to clean and give the executive chair an elegant look.
  • Ergonomic design - Tailored backrest provides the necessary support for your spine, and the armrests relieve the shoulder and neck muscles; seat height is freely adjustable; stable tilting mechanism of the office chair allows relaxed reclining during the strenuous work.
  • Good stability and resilience - stability of the swivel chair via a base with 5 supporting points; secure gas lift up (TÜV Rheinland: DIN4550 Class3; Certificate holder: suppliers); max. load: 150 kg.
  • Easy movement, fits in multi situations - High quality double wheels with polyurethane coating provide silent mobility and suitable for many floors, better use with floor protection mat, perfect for office, conference room or home in the study.
  • Easy to assemble - numbered accessories are packed in blister packaging so no confusion and not easy to lose and thanks to the well-illustrated instructions the assembly can be done quickly and easily.

Mõõtmed: 66 x 66 x 110 cm


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Esimesed 3 pilti on illustratiivsed.

Seisukord: UUS! Tootel leidub mõni väikene täke, lisatud viimane pilt.

Poe hind: ~97 EUR!

Järeltulemisega - Tallinn, kulleriga (kui ise tellite), pakiautomaat (kui on lisatud kuulutuses).


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