Mobiilne LCD/TV Alus VOGELS PFT 2510 !!!

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Mobiilne LCD/TV Alus VOGELS PFT 2510 !!!

Item ID: 179092280 Item condition: used
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Auction is ended or not active
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Tallinn, Харьюмаа, Эстония
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Item condition: used
Location: Tallinn, Харьюмаа, Эстония
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Ratastega Mobiilne LCD/TV Alus VOGELS PFT 2510. 


Vogels PFT 2510 Flat display trolley

With the PFT 2510 trolley Vogel s sets a standard in AV trolleys. Superb quality and design in combination with unique features as Brand Your Stand , full cable management and autolock makes these trolleys really stand out.

"Brand Your Stand" The series of AV trolleys are designed to provide maximum communication power or design integration. Custom fronts offer a solution for both needs. The front cover can be easily customized by putting a sticker or print on it. This enables you to match your trolley to your interior or brand it with your company logo or a campaign sticker. For even more communication power you can add Vogel s TVskin to your display.

Toote tüüp: mobiilne alus
Eesmärk: kuvarite paigaldamiseks
Teleri diagonaal (monitor): 32–65 tolli (80–165 cm)
Maksimaalne kaal: 55 kg
Monitoride arv: 1-2
Maksimaalsed horisontaalse maandumise mõõdud: 960 mm
Maksimaalne vertikaalne sobivus: 512 mm
Kaablikanal: jah
Maksimaalne vertikaalne käik: 636 mm
Laius: 843 mm
Kõrgus: max 1764 mm
Sügavus: 830 mm
Värv: alumiinium / must
Pakendi suurus: 1076x1015x242 mm
Pakendi maht: m³ 0,26
Kaal: 25,6 kg


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