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Parka 146

  • Item ID: 144968540
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Parka 146

Item ID: 144968540 Item condition: used
Auction is ended or not active
Auction is ended or not active
Final price: 35.00 EUR
Extending closure: 5 minutes
Starting time: Thu 01.10.2020 09:56:12
Closing time: Thu 29.10.2020 05:46:06
Viewed: 247
Last bidder: AnnaMarii
Pärnumaa, Pärnumaa, Eesti
Item condition: used
Location: Pärnumaa, Pärnumaa, Eesti
Size (children): 146 - 152 cm
Style: Parka
Quantity: 1
SmartPOST: 3.99 EUR (M)
Omniva: 3.98 EUR (M)
Payment: by deposit transfer
Seller: miki76100% / 277 / View other items of the seller

Kantud 2 hooaega. Puhas ja terve. Väga soe talveparka.

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