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What is Osta.ee website?
Osta.ee is a place where you can make smart sales by selling anything you want and/or making favourable purchases. Choose from numerous categories, find the item that is of interest and take your chance!

If you want to buy or sell something by using Osta.ee, you should register as user – this is free of charge and easy. Registered user can participate in a forum, comment on other users, set up auctions and participate in auctions set up by other users.

The selection available at Osta.ee is huge – from things of the first need till unique goods.

What should to know to navigate in Osta.ee environment?
On Osta.ee site you can set up various auctions and each auction has its own advantages. Information about auctions is available here. Also we recommend you to read how to buy and sell.

Who are those people who sell and/or buy on Osta.ee?
Selling and/or buying is available for everyone – private persons, companies, state agencies, charitable foundations etc.

To find out the cost of Osta.ee services, check out our price list.

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