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Taldrikuhoidja 2 tk

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Taldrikuhoidja 2 tk

Item ID: 118788614 Item condition: new
Offer ended
Offer ended
3.00 EUR
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Tallinn/Nõmme, Harjumaa, Eesti
Kodukaubad100%positive feedback
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Osaühing Trideston Hulgi   User since 28.04.2016
Reg. code 10652502
Item condition: new
Location: Tallinn/Nõmme, Harjumaa, Eesti
Return: I agree to take back the item within 14 days, if it is not suitable for the buyer. Buyer pays all shipping costs. Item must be unused and in original packaging with tags Abi
Payment: by bank transfer, by transfer from Osta.ee e-account
Seller: Kodukaubad100%positive feedback view user's e-store

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kõrgus:16,5 cm


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  • Siizu asked 23.11.2020 18:27

    Tere Kas see kinnitub seinale või saab lihtsalt riiulile seisma panna?

    Tere! See toode on mõeldud riiulile taldrikute seisma panemiseks. Seinale kinnitada kahjuks ei ole võimalik. Lugupidamisega Kodukaubad

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