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Teraapiline Massaažimatt Homedics Stretch release relax+

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Teraapiline Massaažimatt Homedics Stretch release relax+

Item ID: 151228953 Item condition: used Delivery time: 2 days
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Auction is ended or not active
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Item condition: used
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Vaata meie Kuulutusi! Super hinnad!

Tavahind 299,99
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Homedics YMM-2000-EU Streching Mat

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  •  cameras air controlled inflated in sequence emulating the stretching Thai yoga.
  • Soothes and reduces tensions accumulated.
  • 6 massage pre-programmed:

-Twist: (6-9 min) to shorter agenda incorporating twists for decrease tension on shoulders and hips. Also ideal to release tension at the bottom of the back.

-Flow: (9-15 min) flow progressive stretching to mobilize gently the entire length of the spine letting feel renovated and more supple.

-Energize: (9-12 min) To program stimulating to help increase energy

-Stretch: (10-15 min) treatment very full providing great antidote after long periods of inactivity



  • 3 intensities massage programmable.

Paku Oma "OSTA KOHE" HIND!!!
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Õismäe tee 1a (Nurmenuku Rimi taga)
E-R 11-18, L 11-16
Kontakt 5512740
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Esimene pilt on ilustratiivne!

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