Osta.ee is safe

Deposit or secured payment

Using secured payment the paid sum will be first transferred to Osta.ee where it will be held until the purchased item has made its way from the seller to the buyer.
If the purchased item is not dispatched, you can request a refund of the deposit. If the item does not match its description, Osta.ee´s customer service will mediate the communication between the buyer and the seller and will help you find a solution.

See the instructions for secured payment here

Identified users

Authentication verifies your identity. This ensures that all of your transactions in Osta.ee are safe and involve real, existing people.

Authentication is very simple. There are 2 possibile ways to do it:

• Internet bank
• ID-card

After completing the authentication you will become fully entitled user of Osta.ee and you will be able to use all services available in our environment. Congratulations!
Find directions for authentication here

User's rating

The parties of a successful transaction are able to provide feedback. Feedback left during the period of 1 year form the user rating. You can see a user´s rating by clicking on his username. Positive rating is a confirmation of an honest user.

Customer service

If you have any questions, that you can't resolve with our SUPPORT, our customer support will gladly help you. Write to [email protected]

Privacy and processing of personal data

Osta.ee protects your personal information. Only your username will be seen by the public, therefore choose it wisely. Osta.ee uses your information to provide a safe, smooth and efficient e-shopping experience

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