Vahva õnne-elevantidega alus

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Vahva õnne-elevantidega alus

Item ID: 133040500 Item condition: new Delivery time: 5 days
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Auction is ended or not active
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Tartu, Tartumaa, Eesti
Item condition: new
Location: Tartu, Tartumaa, Eesti
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Pakkuda imeilus naturaalne poolvääriskivi - steatiit e soapstone (inglise keeles) - nikerdatud õnne-elevantidega alus.


Mõõdud ca 18,5 x 5,5 cm - kaalub üksjagu.

India käsitöö!

Palun arvestage, et tegemist on naturaalse poolvääriskiviga ja lisaks käsitööga!



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Saatmisel eelistan smartposti - kapis siseruumides - ostja vastutusel ja riskil saadan ka omnivaga!

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Soapstone a common name for Steatite. This is a soft stone that is often used for carving and making dishes and ornaments for the home. This stone is mostly made up of talc, but also contains chlorite and magnetite. You can find these beautiful stones in grays, browns, pinks, and greens. The stones are often patterned and can blend more than one color together. Sometimes soapstone has the look of marble.

All around steatite has a very positive energy and a calming influence. This makes it a great addition to your home. The stone is also used for undergoing changes and it helps to prepare you for whatever might come your way. It can help you give up old patterns and addictions and embrace a go with the flow mentality. This is a stone that can be used to aid in bringing ideas and in helping ideas to broaden, open, and develop. You will also find that it widens your horizons and opens the pathways between the physical plan and other planes of existence.
Soapstone or steatite is most common as decoration for the home. This is in large part to soapstones beautiful color as well as its soft texture that allows it to be carved easily. However, you can find beads and cabs for jewelry making and for use in crystal work. Cabochons (cabs) can be a great way to add steatite to your crystal collection, especially if you are drawn to it. You can also use soapstone dishes in your crystal work and to store your crystals in.




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