Лонгборд Raven Cascada, ABEC9/Longboard Raven Cascada, ABEC9

Лонгборд Raven Cascada, ABEC9/Longboard Raven Cascada, ABEC9

Eseme ID: 173602273 Seisukord: uus Tarneaeg: 2 päeva
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Kokkuleppel müüjaga Abi
Vaadatud: 50
Tallinn, Харьюмаа, Эстония
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Seisukord: uus
Asukoht: Tallinn, Харьюмаа, Эстония
Kogus: 5
Tarneaeg: 2 päeva
Transport: Kokkuleppel müüjaga Abi
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High-quality and maneuverable longboard Raven Cascada

  • Aluminum truck
  • Bearings - ABEC-9
  • Wheels - 65mm/ 90A
  • Wheel material - Rubber
Color Red
Suitable age from 5 y.o.
Bearings ABEC9

The Raven Cascada longboard has been designed for taking tight turns or maneuvering between cones. Raven Cascada Skating Technique does not differ much from the pumping style, thanks to which the rider is able to easily maintain the speed by performing maneuvers. The short table top is characterized by a small turning radius and facilitates pumping. Soft trucks that move in two levels and a hard deck allow you to recreate the feeling of surfing. Thanks to the sharp edges of the wheels, the Raven Cascada provides maximum grip during sharp turns.

Longboard RAVEN Cascada ABEC9 EAN 5903576023662
Board specification:
Dimensions: 81.5 × 21.5 cm (widest point)
100% Top Quality Acer Platanoides Clone
8-layer laminated plywood, profiled on both sides, very strong, polished - as a professional with a longboard, we recommend the 8-layer version, which due to its increased flexibility provides much better control, feeling of the board and its responsiveness than the 9-layer version
Truck: reinforced, aluminum HS7000 truck and base
Kingpin: Black 90A
Grip tape: black - non-slip
Weight: 2.94 kg (very solid, professional construction that cannot be competed with by lightweight, "market" longboards made at the lowest cost)
User weight: max 100 kg
Wheels specification:
Dimensions: 65mm x 51mm
Material: PU (Rubber)
Sand Wheels - a special sand surface for better grip
Hardness: 78A
PU ULTRA HIGH REBOUND - high reflection parameter
Bearings: ABEC9 Chrome
Longboard RAVEN Cascada ABEC9 Wheel Hardness 78A
The Cascada Longobard features a special banner varnish that exposes the natural look of the wood from which the platform is made.

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