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Merourii Vibraator

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Merourii Vibraator

Eseme ID: 149048754 Seisukord: uus
Oksjon on lõppenud
Oksjon on lõppenud
Lõpphind: 19.00 EUR
Pikenev lõpp: 5 minutit
Algusaeg: T 22.12.2020 16:41:07
Lõpuaeg: T 19.01.2021 16:41:07
Vaadatud: 114
Viimati pakkus: urm71
Tallinn, Harjumaa, Harjumaa, Eesti
Reg. kood 80407810    Kasutaja alates 29.02.2020

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Seisukord: uus
Asukoht: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Harjumaa, Eesti
Kogus: 1
SmartPOST: al. 2.20 EUR (S)
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  • 10 powerful vibration patterns and 10 intense finger vibration: this anal vibrator has 2 massagers, one is a finger vibration, it offers a finger-like massage that feels like an acupressure on the P point and releases the potential of a man's most erogenous zone. The other is the traditional vibration, each vibration mode has 10 different frequency. Cences.
  • Heating warms: built-in heating warms, anal vibrator with its constant heating function. Like a real dildo, the heating works almost with our body temperature (which increases in 5 minutes to 37.5-42 °C) when you use it. Controlled by a wireless remote control with just one button to achieve an orgasmic pleasure. Get to your limits, finally reach the eruptive prostate orgasm.
  • 2 powerful vibration motors: while the shaft tickles your prostate with 10 exciting vibration modes, the grooves at the base from the outside of your perineum to a great climax as you have certainly not experienced it. From delicate massage to intense vibration, everything you like best can find out with experiments.
  • Medical materials and 100% waterproof: the anal vibrator is synthesised from super soft medical silica gel and ABS, 100% safe and non-toxic and skin-friendly. Massager is IPX7 waterproof, whether you are in bed, swimming or in the bath, feel free to enjoy the passion wherever you want to bring more entertainment to your life.
  • 10 m wireless remote control and USB charging: the remote control controls the 10 vibration modes + 10 finger massage modes from a distance of up to 10 metres and offers you and your loved one such a lot of exciting game options. Whether on the go or at home. Can use it. The vibrator can be charged easily and quickly using the included USB cable.

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