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MEGA! Withings nuti kaal

MEGA! Withings nuti kaal

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Aукцион закончился или неактивен.
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Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
Состояние: использованный
Расположение: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
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Withings Body - Smart Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Digital Scale with smartphone app, Black

  • INSTANT WEIGHT INSIGHT - See progress during each weigh-in with weight trend screen to stay motivated and know immediately if you are on the right track with BMI.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE - this smart scale syncs with Apple Watch plus more than 100 top health and fitness apps including Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit.
  • AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION - Data from every weigh-in appears automatically via Wi-Fi in the free Health Mate app (iOS8+ and Android 5+).
  • ACCURATE BY DESIGN - Wi-Fi ensures that your measurement is accurate anywhere in the world, and Position Control Technology guides you into the correct stance so that each weigh-in is precise.
  • MULTI-USER FRIENDLY - Up to 8 users can weigh themselves and access their personal weight histories, as the scale automatically recognizes who's who.

    Seisukord: Uueväärne. Kõik töötab nagu peab


    Näitab Kehamassiindeksit ja salvestab kaalumiste ajaloo nutitelefoni äppi, et saaksid oma kaalukõikumistel silma peal hoida.

  • Poe hind:~80  EUR.

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