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Movino Adventure Steel Frame Children's Balance Bike AIR 12'

Movino Adventure Steel Frame Children's Balance Bike AIR 12'

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Tallinn, Харьюмаа, Эстония
Состояние: новый
Расположение: Tallinn, Харьюмаа, Эстония
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Movino Adventure Steel Frame Children's Balance Bike AIR 12'' wheels / handbrake (35kg max) White-Blue

Manufacturer: Movino

Product code: CB-FJ-01-WB

Colour: White-Blue

Age Restrictions: 2 years +

Materials: Metal, EVA foam, Plastic, PU eco-leather

About manufacturer:

Movino is Certified Eurpean brand which speciallized in childrens and sport goods production. All Movino products are developed in Europen labaratory, passed real tests, having all safety certificates. By choosing Movino, you can be sure that you are buying products that are safe and tested by independent international certification bodies. We constantly improve, develop and introduce modern solutions. Everything for your comfort and safety.

This scooter is designed for the little ones. Movino, this is the first balance bike!

Warning: Personal safety equipment must be worn. Do not use in busy traffic areas. Use with caution as skills are required to avoid falls or collisions that could result in injury to the user or other occupants.

Specifications and dimensions of the bike

  • Brand: Movino
  • Model: Adventure
  • Frame: steel
  • Wheel size: 12 inches
  • Tires: EVA foam
  • Wheels: anodized aluminium rims
  • Bike weight: 4 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 35 kg
  • Brake: yes, handbrake

Movino Adventure learner bike. Discover the advantages:

Safe. Movino Adventure meets all the requirements of the stringent EN71 safety standard for products intended for children.

On pumped wheels.  Driving on uneven terrain will be a great adventure - thanks to inflatable tires that provide optimal shock absorption and excellent grip.

With hand brake. Movino Adventure with a V-brake brake will prove itself during faster driving and downhills.

It grows with the child. Thanks to the wide adjustment range of the saddle (35-46 cm), the Adventure bike will be suitable for both a three-year-old and a five-year-old child.

From when will the Movino Adventure balance bike be suitable?

Did you know that a child, to be able to move properly on a balance bike, must have legs slightly bent at the knees and touch the ground with all of their feet, comfortably sitting on the saddle? A correctly positioned seat is about 2.5 - 3.5 cm lower than the child's thigh, measured from the inside. Therefore, when choosing a bicycle, we should be guided by the height, and not the child's birth certificate. The Adventure model will be suitable for children whose inner leg is 33 cm to 51 cm long.

What to consider when buying a balance bike?

Are you not sure which bike from our wide range of balance bikes will be the best for your child? Check how to properly choose a balance bike:

Inflatable or foam wheels? The Movino Adventure bike has pneumatic wheels which have many advantages. They perfectly absorb and dampen shocks, making driving on uneven surfaces more pleasant. The retreaded rubber tire provides great stability and grip, which cannot be achieved with foam wheels. The wheels on the Movino Adventure bike have an additional advantage: they have aluminum rims that are lighter than steel rims. Remember, however, that pumped wheels are heavier than those made of EVA foam. If you're looking for the lightest bike, choose the model with foam wheels.

Balance bike with or without a brake?   The Movino Adventure bike has a v-brake brake, thanks to which a speeding little cyclist will stop whenever it is needed. A handbrake becomes indispensable when the child has mastered the basics of riding and moves efficiently and quickly on the balance bike. Remember that the installation of the brake is optional. You can install the brake when your child is ready for it.

Is a turn lock necessary? Our balance bikes do not have a steering lock. Why? First, for security reasons. In the event of a fall, the handlebars without locking will fold flat under the child's weight. The steering wheel with a lock will not fold up, but will stand out from the bicycle, which may pose a risk to the health and safety of the baby. Secondly: a bicycle without a blockade gives greater maneuverability, which increases the smoothness of the ride. The fact that there is no steering angle restriction allows for a quicker and easier transition to the pedal bike stage.

Why choose the Movino Adventure balance bike?

The Movino Adventure is the perfect off-road bike. Inflatable tires perform well even on the biggest unevenness and provide the best grip. Handbrake will ensure safety during the wildest fun. Remember that physical activity and exercise are essential from an early age. Did you know that a child who rides a balance bike develops not only physically but also mentally? Riding a cross-country bike requires the involvement of both hemispheres of the brain. Therefore, it is worth starting the adventure with a bicycle from an early age.

How do I assemble the Movino Adventure balance bike?

The Movino Adventure balance bike, like all bikes sold in online stores, is designed for self-assembly. The packaging size of the Adventure bicycle has been adjusted to the dimensions of the lockers in the parcel locker. Thanks to this, you can order it in a convenient way for you with delivery to a parcel locker.

The set includes a manual in Polish, which includes photos and explains step by step the stages of the assembly of the bike. You can assemble the Movino Adventure quickly and efficiently.

Packed in original manufacturers package.

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