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Pärsia / Iraani antiikne villane käsitöövaip 324x193 cm

Pärsia / Iraani antiikne villane käsitöövaip 324x193 cm

ID товара: 150482337 Состояние: античный
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Aукцион закончился или неактивен.
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Начало: Чт 21.01.2021 14:30:39
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Tallinn, Harju county, Estonia
Состояние: античный
Расположение: Tallinn, Harju county, Estonia
Koл-во: 1
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Оплата: наличными, депозитный платеж
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  • Hand-knotted and meticulously crafted by Persian artisans

    - Vintage carpet from Persia (Iran) / Antiikne villane Pärsia/Iraani käsitöövaip

    - Handmade Hand-knotted Rug, natural Wool / Käsitöö, käsitsi kootud naturaalsest villast

    - Excellent condition / Suurepärases konditsioonis

    - Kerman Design / Kermani disain

    - Clean and Ready to use / Puhas ja valmis kasutamiseks

    - Size: 324 X 193 CM / Suurus 324 x 193 cm

    - Knots per m² ~ 290,000 / m² ----   Sōlmede tihedus  ~ 290,000 / m²

Rare Unique Kerman Area Rug is so elegant and sumptuous and continued by Toranj motif border which is surrounded by margins and minor and narrow lines. In the world of antique Persian rugs, Kerman carpets are celebrated as being among the best. 

Vintage rugs are one-of-a-kind statement rug made from old antique Persian hand-knotted rugs of at least 30-50 years of age. The rug has been carefully selected, sourced from private homes for the specific purpose of being turned into a Vintage rug. The rug is washed and the pile trimmed down in a unique process of color neutralization that leaves the old pattern of the rug still visible. The rug is then transformed into a completely new rug as it is re-colored in a new exciting light, dark or vibrant color. The result is an innovative fusion of traditional rug design with a modern twist. 

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