Sparkling Rubellite Tourmaline White Golden Diamond Ring

Sparkling Rubellite Tourmaline White Golden Diamond Ring

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From my huge collection of natural gemstones, a large size rubellite (tourmaline, around 5 carat) of an intense purplish red color in a 14K white golden ring (pictures are taken under normal daylight conditions).

This large size natural tourmaline, set together with a couple of dozen small natural white diamonds in an exquisite 14K white golden ring , due to its size, intense, vivid color & good clarity (VS+), has an estimated value of well over €3,500!

The ring is around a size 6, but can easily be made to fit a slightly larger or smaller female finger & is of a very beautiful more complex design to meet many gifting purposes, be it engagement, wedding or simply I still love you. Of course this exclusive ring will come in its own nice gift box.

The clarity of the stone is VS+ (eye-clean) & the cut is excellent, ensuring a radiant ruby-red shine at all times from any angle.

Natural rubellites are relatively rare (the rarest color variation in the tourmaline family of gemstones) in particular in vivid intense red colors, with sizes of over 3 ct in high clarity, regularly commanding well over €1,000 per carat.

Keep in mind that I'm not a professional photographer, so I've captured probably not even half the natural beauty of this stone, but this is simply the best I can do.

About me:

I've been collecting a wide variety of gemstones over a period of 20+ years (almost as long as I live & work in Estonia) and by now have a huge collection of almost any gemstone you might have heard of. So if there's anything else (sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines, aquamarines, garnets, peridots, tanzanite, amethysts or any other stone) you would want / need, just drop me a note / ask me a question, and I can set up the item of your interest. I apologize for not mastering either Estonian or Russian, as learning languages ​​has never been one of my strong points. However, Google Translate now normally offers a good enough tool to get to understand each other.

As I'm simply a collector, the price of any of my gemstones will generally be less than half of the actual market value. Most of my gemstones don't have certificates (as these increase the price), but I can guarantee they're real, natural gemstones, as per the description. You're welcome to acquire genuine certificates yourself & if found to be other than what was on sale, you'll be offered your money back in return for the item / stone. Ask yourself why when you buy anything in a jewelry store, you hardly ever receive a certificate of authenticity either.We simply seem to trust the jeweler, even though in most cases the staff serving you there (including sometimes the jeweler him / herself) would not be able to distinguish a natural gem from a fake one if their life depended on it (which I do , as I have all the required equipment)! 

This jewelry sale will start at only €1,750 (50% off the estimated current value). Good luck with bidding on this great deal!

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