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Vibraator NATURE


Vibraator NATURE

ID товара: 147485214 Состояние: новый Срок доставки: 3 дней
Aукцион закончился или неактивен.
Aукцион закончился или неактивен.
Окончательная цена: 2.60 EUR
Продление окончания: 5 минут
Начало: Сб 21.11.2020 13:45:00
Окончание: Сб 28.11.2020 13:45:00
Просмотров: 81
Последний претендент: Приватный аукцион
TALLINN, Harjumaa, Eesti
Состояние: новый
Расположение: TALLINN, Harjumaa, Eesti
Koл-во: 1
Срок доставки: 3 дней
SmartPOST: От 2.99 EUR (S)
Omniva: От 2.95 EUR (S)
DPD Pickup автомат/торговые точки 1.94 EUR (XS)
Заказная посылка: 2.40 EUR
По договорённости с продавцом Abi
Оплата: депозитный платеж, оплата э-счетом Оsta.ee
Приватный аукцион: Имена претендентов скрыты
Продавец: Slovo100% / 1253 / Посмотреть другой товар
Diameter (cm) 2,9
Battery 1 x AA
Length (cm) 20,7
Color Flesh
Material TPR
Special feature with double branch, with clitoris stimulant


Deviously detailed and shaped to deliver maximum pleasure, this classic vibe is perfect for any pleasure-seeking experience level, and just about any stimulation pursuit, too. The multi-speed vibe is extremely easy to handle, and can be comfortably maneuvered in and around a sweet spots body-wide. Absolutely ideal for solo sex with its organic shape and sexy little patch of texture toward the base, adding intense vibration to foreplay and sex in many positions. Multiple speeds allow for customization of the desired intensity level, the little prick provides enjoyable anal massage at the same time. The vibe is made of hygienic, body safe TPR which wipes clean with simple soap and water or a good toy cleaner. It's also compatible with any good water or silicone based lubricant, so pick a favorite and enjoy. Requires 1 AA batteries.-Vibe TPR Material 1AA Battery Available Color: Pink Purple and Fresh


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