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TESLONG NTG100 rifle borescope, endoskoop 36"

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TESLONG NTG100 rifle borescope, endoskoop 36"

Eseme ID: 177763782 Seisukord: kasutatud
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Oksjon suletud
Lõpphind: 60.00 EUR
Pikenev lõpp: 5 minutit
Algusaeg: L 02.07.2022 12:30:46
Lõpuaeg: L 30.07.2022 12:30:46
Vaadatud: 12
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Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
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Seisukord: kasutatud
Asukoht: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
Kogus: 1
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Pikkus ca 1m (36 tolli), painduv, väga peenike. Väga hea pildiga, reguleeritav valgustus. 12-es pilt tehtud SD-kaardilugeja sisemusest...Komplektis pole küljepeeglit.


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The TESLONG NTG100 36-inch long flexible borescope is an ideal gunsmith tool that helps verify how well your barrel has been cleaned and how much wear is present. Carbon deposits build up as you shoot and can start to degrade your accuracy. This borescope helps you see the deposits in the lands and grooves of the rifling and is a great aid when cleaning your barrel. It comes with a short focal length of about 0.4-inch yielding high-quality images illuminated by a LED ring light. Moreover, it has a side-viewing mirror to view the chamber walls and barrel lands and grooves up close. The probe diameter is 0.20 inch (5.0mm), which is ideal for use on all barrels down to 0.20 caliber.
The image quality is first-rate and will give you a detailed view of your barrel. You can record photos and HD videos that store on your mobile device to share with friends or post to social media. It works flawlessly with Android, Windows, and Mac. Please avoid bending the flexible probe to a radius tighter than we ship it to you. Bending it too tightly can damage the probe.

Notice: This model does not support the iPhone and iPad (iOS)!
Also not support Amazon Fire or Amazon Kindle.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - With an innovative close-focusing camera, this Teslong digital borescope will help you inspect the inside of your rifle barrel on a Windows PC or Android mobile device. This is a great tool to evaluate your cleaning regimen or diagnose firearm problems that SAVES time and money!
FITS .20 CALIBER AND LARGER - The 0.2-inch diameter probe allows easy entry into rifle barrels as small as .20 caliber, to inspect cleanliness, throat erosion, tool marks, rifling wear, chamber damage and fouling.
LED RING LIGHT - Six LED lights are adjustable for brightness and give the camera a perfect view of the darkest inspection areas.
SIDE-VIEW MIRROR - The gun borescope includes an adjustable, detachable, 90° side-view mirror. You can check the barrel wall, or remove it to check the firing point. Includes 3 mirrors in case you lose or break one!
36 INCHES LONG - The flexible, 36-inch-long borescope is perfect for inspecting long barrels. You can easily get to the chamber from the muzzle to inspect case fitment at the leade. There’s no need to switch from the barrel to the muzzle to fully inspect the bore!
DOES NOT SCRATCH - The flexible probe is superior to other materials and WILL NOT scratch or damage your barrel. 


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