UUS! Ninakarvade trimmer

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UUS! Ninakarvade trimmer

Eseme ID: 160225969 Seisukord: uus
Oksjon on lõppenud
Oksjon on lõppenud
Lõpphind: 4.20 EUR
Pikenev lõpp: 5 minutit
Algusaeg: E 02.08.2021 18:45:00
Lõpuaeg: R 06.08.2021 18:46:35
Vaadatud: 50
Viimati pakkus: stalmak
Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
Seisukord: uus
Asukoht: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
Kogus: 1
Maksmine: deposiidikandega, Osta.ee e-konto ülekandega
Müüja: jsamoilov91100% / 23 / Vaata müüja teisi esemeid

Müüa uus trimmer ninakarvade ajamiseks.

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Condition: 100% brand new & high quality
Material: PVC + aluminum
Weight: 60g
Size: 14.0 cm * 3.0 cm * 3.0 cm
Battery: 1*AA (Not included)

- Professional personal Razor , great traveling companion with light weight design
- Stylish shape, best choice of gift for your lover or buddies
- Curved, hypoallergenic and stainless steel blade
- Rotary blade system for effective trimming our overgrown nose and ear hair
- Smooth, motor provides quick and painless movement
- Eliminate the traditional need of scissors to remove the unsightly facial hair from face, nostril and ear, higher security provided
- Safety cone head guides the hair into the blade and protects the skin from direct contact
- Cute white brush to remove the discarded hair in your trimmer
- Fine tapered head protects skin from directly contact
- Rubber sliding ON / OFF switch, easy to grip
- Wet/dry rinses clean with the cute clean brush
- Comfortable and safe

Package Included:
1*Nose hair trimmer


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