Uus Volterman nutirahakott/ vargakindel

Uus Volterman nutirahakott/ vargakindel

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Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
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Seisukord: uus
Asukoht: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
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Uus Volterman nutirahakott.

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There is nothing like it in the world. Volterman is transforming the smart wallet by creating a super wallet that includes a wireless Power bank, a remote alarm system, a sensor camera, a Wifi Hotspot and a global GPS tracking. With all that, if you still lose your cards and documents, you are cursed by the gods!


Built-in Power Bank

As with all fashion accessories that integrates a Power Bank, you will be able to charge your smartphone everywhere. Except that with Volterman, you can do wirelessly! No need of connecting the connector, the action is done in no time.

A cable is nevertheless hidden for those who do not have a Qi compatible smartphone, or who would like to charge their tablet, Bluetooth speaker, USB camera, etc.

Remote alarm system

Once again, nothing new here. The Bluetooth alarm system is the standard of smart wallets. Receive a notification as soon as your wallet or smartphone is left behind. The plus of Volterman (because there is always one) is that you can ring your phone with the wallet button to quickly find it. Whether in silent mode or not!


Thief camera detection

Streets crowded, someone steals your purse brazenly and you quickly lost sight of it. Rejoice! You will be able to denounce a thug with a photo attached! The built-in mini-camera from Volterman will turn on as soon as you have activated the lost mode on the mobile app.

From then on, like a paparazzo, he will immortalise the face of the despicable individual who has dared to open your wallet without any suspicion of anything to send it to you by email.

 Worldwide WiFi Hotspot

Save money when travelling with Volterman’s Wifi Hotspot. It will ensure you have the internet anywhere in the world with an internet cost up to 3 times cheaper than roaming. In the United States, you would say: Yaaas!


Global GPS tracking

To finish in style, the global GPS system will allow you to stalk relentlessly the thief. You will get the location of your wallet in real time, whether in Vietnam or Mauritania. In addition, it is free, at the expense of Volterman who pays the included SIM card.



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69.99 ole esimene pakkuja
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