About the company


The number of times Osta.ee website is viewed monthly exceeds 20 million times! The purpose of Osta.ee is to offer the best trading environment for all traders, by providing state-of-the-art web technology and best solutions.

Osta.ee was founded in 1999 and it operates under the name of AllePal OÜ. By today we have become the largest auction environment in Estonia with more than 800 000 visits per each working day.

Our goal is to offer buyers/sellers an efficient environment that allows easy, quick and comfortable way to offer goods and services and find a buyer by setting attractive prices.

  • We provide an opportunity to choose various pricing techniques for your products: major format is an electronic auction, but there is also an opportunity to sell in fixed price and combined price formats.
  • For safe trading we also offer different payment methods – transaction parties may choose between cash payment, bank transfer and deposit payment.
  • Sales hot shots (active daily users) can perform transactions under favourable conditions.