Privacy and processing of personal data


AllePal OÜ, registry code 12209337, address Maakri 23a, Tallinn, 10145 (hereinafter AllePal) manages the online marketplace (hereinafter Portaal) through which users are given the opportunity to buy or sell goods or services and use other services offered by the Portal. 

AllePal processes users’ personal data based on the general principles of processing of personal data of Baltic Classifieds Group OÜ (available at: and additional conditions provided in this privacy policy. Additionally, AllePal makes use of cookies based on the conditions for the use of cookies of Baltic Classifieds Group OÜ (available at: 

AllePal collects and processes the following user data (hereinafter: “Personal data”): 

  • The user’s first and last name, personal identification code, address, phone number, email address entered when registering an account; 
  • Data collected in the process of using the Portal (offers of sale or purchase): the user’s bank account number, start and end date of payment defaults, sums held back, planned and current transactions, including data on the user’s active, successful/failed, outstanding, pending and canceled sales offers. Also data on active purchase offers, items bought/won, items followed and unsuccessful bids; 
  • Data obtained by other kind of use of the Portal, like messages to/from other users/customer support, forum posts, activity log, Portal queries and searches, data on the device used to access services, analytical data on the user’s sales, offers, sales turnover and discounts. 

Giving AllePal access to data is voluntary but could be necessary for use of the Portal’s services. If the user decides not to share personal data with AllePal, the company cannot offer the user services. 

AllePal processes the Personal data of users of the Portal based on the following legal basis: 

  • To offer the user services or ensure availability of services; 
  • Based on consent from the Portal’s users; 
  • To comply with legal obligations placed on AllePal; 
  • Based on the legal interests of AllePal. For example, AllePal reserves the right to process the user’s Personal data based on legal interest to prevent fraud or ensure security of information systems and data. 

AllePal makes use of Personal data it collects only on terms provided by the law, this privacy policy and the terms and conditions of the user agreement for the following purposes, among others: offering Portal services, customer support, personal commercial messages and offers, Portal analysis and statistics, developing the Portal and additional services. 

Users are obligated to process Personal data of other users (i.e. name, address, email address, phone number) they are made aware of in the process of using the Portal only in accordance with this privacy policy and user agreement. 

As the responsible processor of Personal data, AllePal is responsible for the security of Personal data. AllePal is allowed to forward Personal data to third persons, including legal counsels, cloud storage providers, advertising and marketing agents, website surveyors, web and software developers, collections agents for the purpose of credit decisions, contracting parties in transactions mediated by the Portal, other companies owned by Baltic Classifieds Group OÜ. 

AllePal reserves the right to forward Personal data divulged by users in classifieds (i.e. name, contact information, information on items/objects) to providers of services integrated with services of the Portal (i.e. sales and auction environments) with the aim of promoting the object of the classified ad and attracting additional offers. Therein AllePal reserves the right to use Personal data in the classified ad in other sales or auction portals owned by AllePal. 

AllePal has done everything in its power to make sure aforementioned third persons guarantee confidentiality and security of Personal data. 

Personal data of users is maintained as long as the user agreement remains in force. The user’s Personal data will be deleted or anonymized upon termination of the user agreement and after legal requirements tied to the agreement have expired. The user can terminate the agreement and their account in one of two ways: either by logging in and closing their account manually or by writing to customer support at